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Fasting Info

Below you will find some resources on intermittent fasting:


Eat Stop Eat:

(This is the book that introduced us to IF.  It is packed full of information, but still easy to read.  However, it is not free.  We think it is well worth the investment if you are interested. 

*We are not affiliated with this book or site in any way.)



A Beginner's Guide to IF:



IF 101: (many article on IF)

Fitness Info

Here are a few sites with some great fitness tips to go hand-in-hand with your IF (we think you can get a great workout with little or no equipment and without going to a gym.  Then you can donate even more money to improving the health of others.  More on this in the future.):






Fitness Blender:


Biblical Fasting

Since the Bible is the basis for this movement, we want to encourage anyone interested to see exactly what it says about fasting.  You can click on the following link and search for the words fast and fasting:



Or click on this link for a 100 Bible verses about fasting:




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